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Company Profile

Company Profile

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Guangbo Ultraprecise Machinery Technology Co., LTD. is one of the earliest hi-tech enterprise engaged in the basic research, development, production, sales of microfabrication technology and the sales and application of downstream optics for the production of special lathes.
The company boasts the whole industrial chain of key components of basic nano devices, special lathes for nano finished products, roller mould processing, optical thin BEF and optical components.
With independent R&D and production, we started from basic chemical, machine-ruling and light ruling to ultraprecise processing and detection of nano motherland and then to the mass production of peripheral application, breaking the blockade of foreign technology. Now our technology is in the global leading position.
In 2011, we established Guangbo Machinery and Guangbo Engergy Companies at Hi-tech Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City. During the period firm 2015 to 2018, the company has obtained 863 major special projects in advanced manufacturing insured by Ministry of Science and Technology and has industrialization of optical equipment and components.
Company's basic operation model for internationalization: (GP.DE & GP.CA), China (GP.CN), self-owned GP(brand) and international leading technology.
The application of our equipment: The R&D, production and sales of micro-optical components critical to safety control of various fields as well as the manufacturing and application of special equipment.
The application of our optical components: Heat and power generated by light energy of photonic nuclear energy technology, solar air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, seawater desalination, etc. These indicates an immeasurable light energy market. The company's technical products are mainly used in the following fields:
1. Machinery (ultraprecise lathe, feedback/measure of lathes)
2. Energy (solar photon nuclear energy, light energy and laser)
3. Optics (lighting, special lighting and micro-optical components)
4. Microfabrication (nano thin film, raster, nano raster and other feedback/measure elements)
Projects include: Research of basic optical equipment, motherboard optical micro-processing and the application of terminal optical elements The company is a world-class advanced manufacturer with special support from the government in Asia. During its operation, the company applies the following subjects: basic material, computer, optics, machine automatic control, etc.
The company sticks to the development purpose of "advanced technology, excellent service, credit first and customer supreme", we sincerely welcome friends from all social circles to cooperate with us for common development. We are looking forward to cooperation in R&D and production with prosperous hi-tech products, so that we will make the most of our industry advantages to proffer a fast and effective approach for those products of information industry entering the market.
With great support of friends globally, we will contribute a lot for our energy and equipment.