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International situation - technical comparison

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Air bearing

Air bearing is also called air bearing. The principle is to support the workpiece by a gas film generated by throttling high-pressure air. Because of its non-contact characteristics, the air bearing (air bearing) is improved by several orders of magnitude compared with conventional bearings, and has a long life, low pollution, and high speed. However, due to the low viscosity of the gas, the air bearing is relatively rigid.
1. Higher precision; 2. High speed; 3. Increase tool life; 4. Improve surface luminosity; 5. Extend bearing life; 6. Slow temperature rise; 7. Reduce maintenance; 8. Increase load capacity; Reduce vibration; 10. clean
Our company is the only official agent service provider of air bearing in China. We will provide localized, high quality and efficient products and technologies for our new and old customers with the world's most advanced quality, advanced technology and systematic comprehensive solutions. service support. welcome to inquiry and order!
Our company provides professional production and installation of air bearings, providing expertise based on customer drawings or standard air bearing assembly stages. Our engineers support customers in designing bearing structures and selecting production technologies.
International situation - technical comparison