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General Knowledge of Air-Floating Guideway

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Based on the effect of aerodynamic and static pressure, the air-bearing guideway can move smoothly without friction and vibration. It has the characteristics of high motion accuracy, clean and pollution-free. Because of its error homogenization, higher steering accuracy can be obtained with lower manufacturing accuracy. Usually with servo drive, sensors constitute a closed-loop system to achieve high precision displacement positioning. Air-bearing guideway has been widely used in measuring instruments and precision machinery.

Characteristics of air-bearing guideway:

Ultra-precision worktable commonly used guides are rolling guides, hydrostatic guides and so on. The application of rolling guides has been for many years. The motion accuracy of rolling guides reaches micron level, and the friction coefficient can be reduced to 0.002-0.003. The advantages of rolling guides are small rolling friction resistance and no creeping and floating phenomena of sliding guides. However, rolling guides have some disadvantages in application, such as large friction, poor seismic resistance, unstable motion and low life. The air-bearing guide has the following advantages over the ordinary rolling guide:
(1) The slideway surface is lubricated by gas, and its friction coefficient is very small (about 0.0005), so the driving power can be greatly reduced.
(2) Because of non-contact friction, the slideway has minimal wear and long service life, which can maintain manufacturing accuracy for a long time and reduce maintenance workload.
(3) Gas film has the function of error equalization, which can improve the motion accuracy of guide rail.
(4) The film thickness is hardly affected by the velocity, and it will not crawl even at very low speed, and the motion is stable.
(5) It produces little heat, does not change the viscosity, and does not need to add cooling measures.
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